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Tripfez - Online Hotel Booking Site For Muslim Travellers

TRIPFEZ..Website for a Muslim-Friendly Hotels

<img src="Tripfez.jpg" alt=" Tripfez - Online Hotel Booking Site For Muslim Travellers ">
Thing to do in PUDU,Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Hey Travelers,Now that's when we go on a trip and book a hotel, the sites we visit are Traveloka, Agoda,, Trivago etc.

For those who are Muslims, the problem arises when we are looking for a foreign hotel whose restaurant is halal, which if there is a direction of the Qiblah, there is a paradise. There are people who say, let's just look for a foreign hotel there. So, last-last we take the principle of 'emergency and traveler' ... no promise of wine and pigs, we play stunts alone.

Recognizing the problems faced by Muslim tourists, whether in Malaysia or abroad, a Malay child from Kuala Lumpur who holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (First Class) from the University of Sydney, Australia, has created a hotel reservation website whose main focus is specifically To meet the needs of Muslim tourists.

M Faeez M Fadhlillah finally develops the website to facilitate Muslims to travel, stay at the hotel and enjoy halal food while abroad.It's Tripfez's awesome Bro website!

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Most interestingly, if you are booking on this website, you will be provided once during your prayers in the countries you go and the list of Halal Restaurants near the Hotel you book, cool beb!

Just talk about where to go ... London, Japan, Korea, Bulgaria? Just speak the 'friendly-friendly' hotel you want..expensive or luxury? Tripfest covers almost the whole world.

I really salute this young man. No wonder he is currently listed among the 10 Malaysians included in the list of 30 young people under the age of 30 in Asia with last year's Forbes Financial Magazine.

So, to go out of the country? Take a look at and you will understand what I mean!

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<img src="Tripfez.jpg" alt=" Tripfez - Online Hotel Booking Site For Muslim Travellers "> 

Ready for your halal trip?
Tripfez sets a new standard to Muslim tourism. Instead of a traditional online booking site, Tripfez helps you to make mindful choices and book a great stay catered to your needs. Over 55 thousand hotels have been carefully reviewed and rated on their Muslim-friendliness.

Book online the top Muslim-friendly hotels in city destinations like Singapore, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong or New York. Leave the trip details to us! With your booking, you’ll receive the local prayer times for the duration of your stay, as well as a list of nearby Muslim-friendly and halal restaurants as a part of Tripfez’s local halal guides. In Tripfez, hotels are reviewed under Salam Standard, an independent halal certification for accommodation.

Our global team verifies whether the hotel provides a praying mat, qibla direction, an alcohol-free mini bar and Muslim-friendly leisure facilities like pool and spa areas.

Tripfez offers a marketplace that connects mindful Muslim travellers and Muslim-friendly hotels. For consumers, booking a right hotel can be done with just a few clicks of a button. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, you will always find the perfect accommodation, be it a budget hostel room or a luxurious suite. For hoteliers, this platform provides the opportunity to be seen by millions of Muslim travellers and easily reach out to those who are looking for a stay that suits their lifestyle.
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